Daniel Jensen – Photography

September 4, 2018

By  Evan James

Daniel Jensen is a creative, passionate and motivated photographer. His unique attention to detail and eye for photography allows him to capture the presence of nature. Although Daniel is primarily a landscape photographer many of his pieces also focus on man-made features in the landscape he is capturing.

Daniel 23, a local artist, picked up a camera a year and a half ago, to discover, explore and experience the world. With his well-trained eye and effective use of surroundings, he takes something that might seem mundane to others and turns it into magic.

He is a self-taught photographer, who is inspired by many photographers around the world, He has an exceptional attention to detail and instinct that allows him to compose the artwork you see. Daniel would also like to note the love and support of his family, friends and fiancé who push and support him to pursue his passion of photography.

We hope you enjoy his art, each piece a reflection of culture, beliefs and his identity.

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