Lady A Broad Exhibition at Round Bird

May 8, 2017

By  Evan James

Exhibiting May 8th until July 7th

Hand crafted works of art with a vintage touch.

What do you get when you cross a lost graphic designer and a frustrated fitter and turner, both with a love of vintage, rockabilly and just a little bit twisted?? Answer: Lady A Broad.

Lady A Broad is not just, yet another brooch company. Not Just cute brooches, each Lady A Broad brooch is a quality wearable work of art designed and painstakingly created right here in the Yarra Valley Victoria. Lady A Broad brooches are for the intelligent consumer not just for pretties, as each brooch can posses a clever double meaning name, or a cheeky crossing of cultures, forbidden love, or a twisted sense of irony. All our brooches are linked to one another through blood, folklore or desire. Each is as unique as it is different.

But if by some bizarre twist of fate our stocked brooches are not your cup of tea….. We can’t help your taste, but we can design a custom order brooch to meet your needs if ours are too wild or bland for your unique personality. We love a challenge as a creative mind is a curse in the 9 to 5 rat race!!!

Not just Brooches Lady A Broad can produce almost anything from pretties to Shop fittings, timber menus, gift certificates, timber postcards, what ever you can think of and most of what you haven’t considered yet.

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