Collected Treasures by Anne-Maree

March 22, 2021

By  Evan James

Exhibit commencing April 1st up to June 2nd

Anne-Maree started collecting ‘treasure’ as a young child when she holidayed with family. This love of the texture, feel and appreciation of the beautiful shells, pebbles and driftwood continued over the years.

Fast forward 45 years and a chance encounter of finding her first lot of sea glass, sparked and fuelled a new exciting thought to make some art with what was collected. You will find Anne-Maree on the beaches of Victoria and the rivers and creeks in and around her childhood town, in North East Victoria, face down, bottom up, searching for treasure to make the art that you see from her today. Anne-Maree now resides in a leafy Eastern suburb in Melbourne.

Follow her on Instagram @collectedbyhand to see the treasures she collects and the fun whimsical pieces that brings her joy.

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