Christopher Halliday – July 1 to Aug-31 Exhibit

July 15, 2016

By  Evan James

Christopher Halliday is a young Lilydale local whose fine art photography work spans a variety of styles. A former event photographer and graduate of film school, Christopher has been handling odd cameras his whole life. His body of work includes abstract-architectural, street, candid portrait and photojournalistic–style photography. Taking a trip through Western Europe with a borrowed 50 year old camera, Christopher was brought back to experimenting with film cameras for the first time since high school darkroom.

Christopher now shoots entirely with 35mm and Medium Format film and believes in a hands-off approach to photo editing and digital manipulation lending an individualistic, yet often retrospective quality to his pictures. His latest collection was gathered in India, most notably, the backwaters of Kerala, the ruins of Hampi and the slums of Mumbai. Created in the photojournalistic style, this work was inspired by Steve McCurry’s work and National Geographic magazine during the 1980’s and uses a mix of negative and the more archival quality slide film.

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