Chris Thomas Purdy Creative Art Drawings

April 10, 2018

By  Evan James

Hi! My names Chris Thomas Purdy, Melbournian, age 31.

With writing music being my dominant means of creativity, art/drawing has become
more of a meditation to still the mind than a creative outlet.
A serial doodler all of my life and fascinated by the geometry in our natural world, this collection merely
a product of surrendering to the muse and letting ideas flow through me to the pen.
The result, simple geometrical imagery relative to how I’m feeling whilst hovering over the canvas.
A fascinating process. Have had the opportunity to work on the odd commission piece as well.
I also enjoy working with my hands, especially with timber so able to combine the two and build
my own frames using recycled Tasmanian Oak.

Email -

- Pigment Pen on 100% Linen Canvas
- Recycled Tasmanian Oak

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