Media & Events

Wine dinners, pop up cellar doors and art gallery openings – this space is always'on the move.

Liquified Art by Bec Gilbert
My name is Bec Gilbert and I am a local mother of two, owner of Liquified Art and what i[...]
Martha Breninger – alcohol ink, acrylic, oils, soft pastels and watercolour
Martha Silver Breninger is an artist from Emerald Victoria who specializes in many mediums from alcohol ink, acrylic, oils, soft[...]
One to watch – Tanya Chanter
I have always had a desire to express the emotions I feel from nature. The depth and richness of the[...]
“linking the narrative” by Wilani van Wyk-Smit & Chris Jensen
This exhibition is a collaboration between two abstract artists with different backgrounds, stories and techniques, exploring form, colour and meaning.Wilani[...]
The Valley Project by Alex Welch & Joshua Briffa
This project was created by two photographers working together collaboratively trading roles creating challenges or setting shoot locations. Challenges included[...]
Daniel Jensen – Photography
Daniel Jensen is a creative, passionate and motivated photographer. His unique attention to detail and eye for photography allows him[...]
Tania Chanter
Tania came to painting later in life. Her early working-life included ten years at The Age newspaper. fifteen years for[...]
Chris Thomas Purdy Creative Art Drawings
With writing music being my dominant means of creativity, art/drawing has become more of a meditation to still the mind than a creative outlet.
Macro Photography by Stephanie
Stephanie has been enjoying photography for 10 years and has found her passion in fine art macro photography.
Dellaquila Design
After years of studying Visual Arts, photography and delving in various types of artistic mediums Laura found her true passion in Resin.
Jo Carroll Abstract Expressionism
From the young age 7 I knew I’d be a painter, however the fear of being a struggling artist led[...]
Mixed Media Landscape Painter – Tracy
Exhibiting July 8thI'm Tracy Hambly, I'm 22, and I paint plants and flowers with acrylic paint and mixed media. I[...]