Round Bird Wine Merchants is a boutique wine purveyor located in Lilydale, at the gateway to the Yarra Valley.  Being so close to such an iconic wine producing area, combined with our commitment to promoting local produce, we naturally have a specific focus on winemakers and vineyards located in the Yarra Valley.  All our wines are made by small, independent, local winemakers you simply will not find in the bigger chains.  They work hard, they craft beautifully, and the result is wines of incredible quality at prices that surprise.  Honestly, the wines all punch well above their weight.

We are constantly searching, and adding to our collection of local wines, with local beer makers and spirit makers also joining the ranks.  

So pop on down and check out what is most probably the largest collection of Yarra Valley wines in the Eastern Suburbs!

You can be sure you are getting the best advice when selecting your wines, Evan has worked in bars and restaurants across Melbourne, starting at Number 8, then moving to the Brasserie by Phillipe Mouchel (where Laura and Evan met), and then on to the Courthouse, Botanical, the Graham, and Yering Station, to name a few.  In 2013, Laura and Evan were both working at Yering Station in the Yarra Valley.  Laura was the head chef and Evan the Restaurant and Cellar Door manager Living locally in Lilydale they decided it was time to spread their wings and open their own venue.  Building it themselves, they transformed an empty shell into the beautiful space it is today.